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  • Why studying dozens of formulas and math concepts will not raise your score (and what you should do instead). . .

  • Why you should never study with third-party ACT practice questions. . .

  • Why memorizing any vocabulary is a complete waste of time (and what you should do instead). . .

  • How to understand the design of the ACT so you can stop being intimidated, get the score you need, and get on with your life!

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ACT test

Want to feel confident on test day? Learn simple ACT strategies that work over and over, not specialized skills that work once.

ACT questions

Drilling vocabulary and/or math concepts is not going to raise your score. You must learn how all ACT questions are the same.

ACT prep

Reviewing practice is the key to effective ACT test prep. If you're not reviewing the right way, you're wasting your time.

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